10ml Bacteriostatic Water


10ml Bacteriostatic Water


Bac water is sterile water that has benzyl alcohol in it.

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10ml Bacteriostatic Water United Kingdom

Bac water is sterile water that has benzyl alcohol in it. This benzyl mixed with the sterile water is to preserve the water to allow multiple withdrawals with clean needles from the water without infection.

It CAN last up to 28 days but then it needs to be discarded. It has a pH level of 5.7.

10ml Bacteriostatic water is used to mix peptide powder and water together for injections.

PLEASE NOTE: As a customer, you need to verify that you’re a licensed and professional healthcare specialist over the age of 21 years of ages. At Melanotan.Eu we DO NOT allow or intend using peptides as a form of medications, artificial additive, household use or for human, animal or any other type of consumption. We supply peptides only for research objectives to skilled specialists.


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